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Dental Impression Materials

PERFIT impression material is a VPS impression material used to obtain precise and reliable impressions. This type of dental impression materials has excellent performance with long-term dimensional stability and high tear resistance. HUGE Dental is a leading artificial teeth manufacturer who provides a variety of clinical solutions, such as implant impressions, orthodontic impressions, auxiliary impression solutions, etc. PERFIT impression materials can meet the individual needs of dentists.

Different Types of Dental Impression Materials

What to Consider When Selecting Teeth Impression Material?

  • Precise


    PERFIT impression material is highly hydrophilic and thixotropic, which can ensure the accuracy of the impression.
  • Safe


    PERFIT impression materials are safe and non-toxic. It has no harm to human body and can be used with confidence.
  • Efficient


    PERFIT impression materials offers fast and regular versions. Both of them can provide dentists with efficient operating experience.
  • Professional


    HUGE provides professional operation guidance and training activities. Now PERFIT impression materials are approved by more than 100 countries.

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