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Glass Ionomer Cement

Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) is a special type of dental cement made from acrylic acid and a type of glass. The gic glass ionomer cement is used to fill cavities, bond orthodontic brackets, and for various other applications in dentistry. There are different types of glass ionomer cement and gic glass ionomer cement has good physical properties and releases fluoride to help protect teeth from further decay. This gic dental material is easy to use and requires no special techniques or equipment.

Based on HUGE's mature filling and bonding application technology, Filling I, Luting I, LutingII have stable performance and can guarantee reliable and durable restorations.

Different Types of Glass Ionomer Cement

What to Consider When Selecting GIC Glass Ionomer Cement?

  • Excellent operating performance

    Excellent operating performance

    Easy mixing and the mixed material is smooth and delicate, with excellent mobility. It is easier to clean than resin-based materials.
  • Sustained Fluoride Release

    Sustained Fluoride Release

    Sustained release of fluoride ions can can prevent the occurrence of secondary caries.
  • Ideal Biocompatibility

    Ideal Biocompatibility

    It is similar to tooth tissue and has good biocompatibility. There is basically no postoperative sensitivity.
  • X-ray radiation resistance

    X-ray radiation resistance

    GIC and tooth radiopaque to aid in inspection of restorations. It can also be seen whether there is secondary caries in the follow-up visit.

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