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Clear Aligner

VinciSmile clear aligner is made of innovative materials to ensure the invisible and comfortable wearing experience, and is used as an effective alternative to traditional metal braces.

VinciSmile invisible clear aligners system features state-of-the-art technologies in orthodontics with the full range of minor, moderate and comprehensive treatments.

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Clear Aligner Specifications


Material thickness

Attachment template0.4mm + 0.5mm

  • Advantages

    • Invisible

    VinciSmile aligner is made of transparent polymer materials, and is unobservable by others when you are wearing it.

    • Comfortable

    The algorithm of VinciSmile software can precisely calculate the appropriate amount of tooth movement and avoid irritation to the oral soft tissue which may be caused by the bracket and wire of the traditional fixed aligner.

    • Removable

    VinciSmile aligner is removable, so the patient can take it off before thoroughly cleaning the oral cavity, which can reduce the incidences of caries and demineralization.

    • Convenient

    VinciSmile aligner is free of band, wire or bracket, thus it can save the chair-side time and extend the return visit time.

    •  Visualized Results

    The 3D interface of VinciSmile Scheme Viewer displays the complete treatment stages through animation, which makes it easier for the doctors to communicate with the patients.

  • Scope Of Application

    VinciSmile clear aligner can treat a full range of easy, mild and complicated cases like spaced, crowded, open bite, protrusion, under bite, deep overbite, etc.


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