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Dental Lab Materials

Centering on Synthetic Polymer Teeth, HUGE Dental has been a top dental lab material supplier and provides a set of comprehensive dental lab solutions for our customers, which is supplemented by Light Curing Tray Material, Silicone Duplicating Materials in dentistry and Denture Base Polymers. Characterized by reliable quality and excellent property performance, all of our dental laboratory materials is designed and developed to facilitate and to fulfill the dental lab supplies needs of customers.

Dental Lab Materials List

What to Consider When Selecting Dental Laboratory Materials?

  • Quality


    The wear-resistance of acrylic resin teeth, the durability of denture base resins, the precision and easy operation of the light curing individual tray and the laboratory silicones are definitely the priority concerns for customers when selecting dental lab materials which are intended to restore the function of natural teeth.
  • Aesthetics


    In addition to the reliable quality, natural esthetic beauty is another important factor influencing our choices to dental lab materials which are intended to restore the aesthetics of natural teeth.
  • Diversity


    Whether the materials made by the dental material manufacturers could provide a variety of choices for customers to choose is also significant for different patients have different needs.
  • Cost


    Consider the price of the materials, as well as the longevity of the material in order to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

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