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Digital Full Denture Solution

HUGE is dedicated to CAD/CAM dentistry and features a complete line of products ranging from oral scanners to dental CAD/CAM materials for the dental laboratories. HUGE is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative and cost-effective total solutions for digital denture.

  • digital scanning
    Digital Scanning

    HUGE Intraoral Scanner features high data accuracy and fast treatment period, which provides an efficient and accurate way to transfer the patient's oral environment into digital model. Simplify your workflow with HUGE Intraoral Scanners!

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    HUGE Intraoral Scanner

  • digital partial dentures
    CAD - design the full denture

    The dental lab would design the full denture according to patient’s digital model. Dental CAD technology could improve the accuracy of full denture and improve the production efficiency.

  • digital dentures price
    digital denture printing
    Milling the denture base

    HUGE Pink PMMA BLOCK is the most suitable materials to fabricate the denture base. The typical shade design could perfectly simulate the morphology and appearance of natural gum.

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  • digital peek denture
    digital partial dentures
    Milling the dental arch

    HUGE Dental offers great CAD/CAM dental PMMA BLOCKS with high quality, excellent biocompatibility and natural aesthetics. The seamless shade transition of Multilayer PMMA BLOCK makes the dental arch more natural and beautiful.

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    HUGE Multilayer PMMA BLOCK, HUGE Monolayer PMMA BLOCK

  • 3d print digital dentures

    Cement the denture base and denture arch after polishing and other operations. 

    Then get your full denture with CAD/CAM technology!