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The All-in-one Solution for Dental Restorations — HUGE MM-4D Zirconia Arrival!


Following the release of our Gradient Multilayer Zirconia Block, HUGE is back with a new Zirconia block with higher specifications, and a wider range of usage.


Outstanding specifications

1. Natural transition: 8 layers are superimposed and 15 layers are gradient.
2. Translucency: 43%-57%
3. Strength: 700Mpa-1200Mpa
4. All areas of application: From single crown to full arch bridge

All-in-one solution


Amazing Structure

MM-4D has 8 layers of superimposition and 15 layers of gradient. The proportion of superimposed layers and the corresponding flexural strength and translucency are shown in the table below:


By superimposing layers of zirconia with different strength and translucency we have made 4D zirconia products simultaneously high-strength and high-translucency, which is more natural-looking aesthetically and can be more widely applied to all types of restorations.


In general, the MM-4D zirconia offers an efficient and time-saving fabrication process with sufficient flexural strength and realistic aesthetics, as well as a considerably wider range of indications. We strongly encourage you to enquire and purchase!