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i-Vinci Smart

i-Vinci Smart dental scanner is an innovative digital clinical scanning device which is much lighter, faster and more accurate. Supported by self-developed core processor and projector module, this digital oral scanner provides clinicians a thorough and effective scanning solution.

  • i-Vinci Smart
  • i-Vinci Smart
  • i-Vinci Smart
  • i-Vinci Smart
  • i-Vinci Smart
  • i-Vinci Smart

Specifications of i-Vinci Smart Dental Scanner


  • Advantages of i-Vinci Smart Dental Scanner

    • Self-developed projector module and core processor

    • Faster and more accurate scanning

    • 40% lighter than its predecessor, pen shape easy to handhold

    • Tiny tips of 3 different types meet most need in scanning operation

    • High-strength aviation aluminum alloy ensures durability   

    • No need for multiple cables and power adapter sockets

    • Motion sensing, easy to operate and control the device

    • Innovative technology enables to reproduct lear margin line in full HD color  

    • Increase the patient’s comfort level and reduce the chair time.

  • i-Vinci Smart Dental Scanner Indications

    • Restorations

    • Orthodontics

    • Implantology

    • Assessment of dental status

  • Cases of Scanning

    Cases of Scanning


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