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Dental Restorative Materials

HUGE offers a vast range of restorative materials, including pre-treatment products, dental resin cement, composite restorative materials, which could be matched to complete the restoration procedure including adhesive resin cement solution, composite restorative solution, aesthetic veneer bonding solution, dental caries prevention, with reliable and professional solutions for direct and indirect restoration, effectively helping doctors improve the accuracy of restoration and the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. Relying on the application resources of 4 dental hospitals and the support of customers from more than 100 regions around the world, HUGE is committed to continuously innovate technologies and products, provide you with reliable and satisfactory restoration products.

Different Types of Dental Restorative Materials

What to Consider When Selecting Dental Restorative Materials?

  • Universal


    Diversified and one-stop collection of products supply can meet the needs of the whole process in direct and indirect restoration scenarios.
  • Reliable


    High bio-compatibility guarantees the treatment safety, excellent technical performance with high bonding strength and flexural strength provide reliable restoration results.
  • Durability


    Outstanding durability ensures the long-term usability of the restoration process, reduces the frequency and difficulty of follow-up visits, improves patient satisfaction and wins a good reputation.
  • Efficient


    Excellent operating performance, reasonable working time and intraoral setting time, improve doctor's operating efficiency and reduce patient waiting time.

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