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We have the GM-3D Zirconia Block which could achieve an excellent combination of aesheticsand stablity.
Premium Gradient Multilayer (GM-3D) 100% Tosoh Material Zirconia Block
Multilayer PMMA BLOCK
Multilayer PMMA BLOCK
Seamless Gradient, natural and artistic. It is not only for temporary crowns and bridges but also for removable structures for dentures. A natural tooth-like restoration can be created by HUGE Multilayer PMMA BLOCK.
HugeBond Universal Light Cure Dental Adhesive
HugeBond Universal Light Cure Dental Adhesive
The latest generation self-etch dental adhesive, suitable for various substrates with reliable bonding strength no lower than 20MP
Putty Impression Material Putty Impression Material
Putty Impression Material
PERFIT PUTTY is a traditional hand-mixed tray material with excellent tear strength, deformation resistance and dimensional accuracy.
Synthetic Polymer Teeth Synthetic Polymer Teeth
Synthetic Polymer Teeth
For full denture, partial denture as well as implant-supported denture restoration, HUGE offers totally 9 artificial teeth series, from premium to economic, covering all popular moulds and shades to meet the main dental laboratory needs.



  • Dental lmplant Solution
    Implant restoration is a highly complex restoration process. Known for its quality dental supplies in China, HUGE focuses on providing perfect implant solutions. From primary impressions to temporary restorations and final restorations, HUGE will be your most reliable partner.
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  • Digital Crown and Bridge Restoration
    HUGE provide digital solutions for Crown & Bridge restoration and features a complete line of products ranging from Intraoral Scanner to CAD/CAM materials for the laboratories.
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  • Digital Full Denture Solution
    Huge dental dedicate ourselves to helping our clients embrace the emerging digital full denture technology. We supply almost all kinds of PMMA CAD/CAM discs to satisfy the demands of dental laboratories, including monolayer, multilayer, pink and full denture PMMA.
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  • Traditional Full Denture Solution
    In traditional full denture solution, Synthetic Polymer Teeth, Light Curing Tray, Denture Base Polymers, A-Silicone for Laboratory and C-Silicone for Laboratory are all our featured products. With these products, customers can achieve efficient full denture fabrication.
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  • Artificial Gum Solution
    In Artificial Gum Solution, A-Silicone for Gingival Mask, both hard and soft types, A-Silicone for Laboratory and C-Silicone for Laboratory are our featured products. A precise and esthetic artificial gum can be made through this solution.
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  • Dental Adhesive Resin Cement Solution
    Dental Adhesive Resin Cement Solution provides a simple and efficient cementation system. With sufficient material and relevant accessories in, it produces excellent adhesion to the enamel and dentine with all kinds of dental restorations
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  • Dental Composite Restorative Solution
    Dental Composite Restorative Solution provides a series of materials with innovative formula for aesthetic versatility, aims to offer the restoration results with high quality and reliability that satisfy you and your patients
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About HUGE Dental

HUGE Dental that integrates R&D. manufacturing, sales of dental products and services, was founded in 2006. HUGE was the first multi-layered Synthetic Polymer Teeth manufacturer in China. There are 3 R&D centers functioning independently. HUGE Dental has been one of  leading dental material manufacturers in China and passed many quality system certifications and product registrations. Its products have been exported to nearly 100 countries/ regions all over the world.


    Three R&D centers in Beijing, Qingdao and Rizhao


    Raw materials imported from Europe and Japan with the highest quality standards.


    More than 3,000 dealerships, and its products are exported to more than 100 countries or regions all over the world. 


    Passed the CE(EU), FDA(USA), MDL(Canada),ISO13485 and other quality system certifications and product registrations.