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Established in 2006, Huge Dental is one of the most famous professional suppliers of high-quality dental materials in the world. HUGE is committed to serving the dental industry, and providing customers with all-round solutions for full denture, partial denture, restoration and digital orthodontic system. The company is ISO 13485 certified and the products are listed or registered with ,CE(EU), FDA(USA), MDL and MDEL(Canada), JIS(Japan) and many other countries. Due to the delicate sales network HUGE had built, people from more than 100 countries or regions are using HUGE products. HUGE has always been dedicating to be the leading supplier of dental material in the world.

Vincismile is a wholly owned subsidiary of Huge Dental. We are hiring sales for Vincismile. VinciSmile Group LLC is a worldwide dental supplier headquartered in Los Angeles, California USA. We offer a wide range of dental lab and clinical solutions, including NOBILDENT Resin Teeth, NOBILCAM CAD/CAM Materials, NOBILTRAY Lab Materials, PERFIT Elastomeric Impression Materials, HUGE BOND Clinical Restorative Materials, and Invisible Orthodontic Appliance, etc.

About the role: We are finding lab and clinic products professional sales manager/director in US market. The company hopes that the sales managers/directors can recommend our lab, dental offices products to professional customers, and expand our presence across the US market.

Position 1

Management trainee:Sales Assistant、Product Assistant、Marketing Assistant


(1) Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, marketing, business administration, medicine or language, science or engineering (materials, chemistry, etc.)

(2) Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing

(3) Minor language majors (Russian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.) are preferred

(4) Good health, strong affinity, learning ability, strong ability to resist pressure, and optimism

(5) Strong logic, clear communication and expression, smart and flexible


(1) Rotation period: After 6 months of rotation, the position will be fixed, and those who perform well can be transferred to regular employees in advance.

(2) Work location: Overseas subsidiary, Qingdao or Rizha

Salary and Welfare

(1) Salary: The basic salary is ¥8000-10000 + quarterly bonus + year-end bonus; promotion in  December every year.

(2) Welfare treatment: five insurances and one housing fund, meal allowance, phone allowance, transportation allowance, year-end bonus, anniversary celebration, outdoor expansion, health checkup, paid annual leave, weekend weekends, and legal holidays.


(1) Working hours: 8:30-17:30, weekend rest and national holidays

(2) Provide subsidies to overseas employees

(3) Young team with an average age of 31 years old, open, inclusive, and energetic. Most of the newcomers come from 985 universities or famous overseas schools

Position 2

Sales Manager


- Responsible for the sales target of dental labs and dental offices products in the country or region.

- Responsible for the development and maintenance of distributors network and dental offices (doctor), establishment of cooperative customers database;

- Responsible for maintaining the relationship with dental offices (doctors) and agents, improving the cooperation viscosity and order conversion rate;

- Organize online and offline training and seminars, invite potential doctors to participate and develop potential users and KOL;

- Responsible for investigating the local market and competitive products, doing product analysis, looking for potential customers;

- Participate in the formulation of monthly, quarterly and annual regional sales targets and marketing plans. With the help of online network platform, formulate and implement activities and marketing programs for doctors (dental offices) and lab users to attract customers.


- Bachelor or above degree; Working experience in stomatology or related medical industry, at least 2 years of B2B / channel development and sales experience.

-Experience in sales and channel maintenance of clear aligners and dental products is preferred.

- Basic business and channel development knowledge, strong executive ability, flexible use of business negotiation and communication skills, strong learning and communication skills.

- Proficient in all kinds of office software, have certain data analysis ability, clear thinking, strong logical ability.

Salary: Start from $6,000-10,000 per monthly as basic and you will get monthly, quarterly, and yearly bonus after three - month probation.

Workplace: California, Florida,Germany

If you are interested in our position, please send your English resume to , thank you.

If you are interested in our position, please send your English resume.

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