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Dental lmplant Solution

HUGE is committed to creating the perfect implant restoration results, with a complete range of materials from clinical products to laboratory materials. HUGE provides you with high-quality, innovative and cost-effective dental implant solutions that can meet all your aesthetic needs.

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    dental implant material
    Precise impression-taking

    PERFIT Impression Materials offer multiple options for implant impressions, both can help you achieve precise impression results.

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    PERFIT Heavy Body, PERFFIT Light Body, PERFIT Regular Body, Bite Registration

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    dental implant grafting material
    Model fabrication

    HUGE A-Silicone for Gingival Mask is used to imitate the actual gingiva conditions on the plaster dental model, to improve the accuracy of implantation.

    Huge Light Curing Tray is produced to fabricate the individual tray for a more accurate secondary impression-taking in the oral environment of the edentulous patient.

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    Silicone for Gingival Mask, Light Curing Tray

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    dental implant material options
    Temporary restoration

    HUGE PMMA BLOCK is one of the best products to make your temporary implant-supported prostheses, with outstanding aesthetics and high quality.

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    HUGE Multilayer PMMA BLOCK, Monolayer PMMA Disc, Full denture PMMA Disc

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    implant materials dentistry
    Final restoration

    HUGE Dental offers great CAD/CAM Zirconia BLOCK with high quality, excellent biocompatibility and natural aesthetics, which is the perfect material to make your permanent implant-supported ceramic prostheses.

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    HUGE GM-3D Zirconia BLOCK, HUGE MHT Zirconia BLOCK, HUGE HT Zirconia BLOCK, HUGE HS Zirconia BLOCK

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    implants material
    Bonding System

    In clinical applications, various types of adhesive materials can achieve excellent retention between the restorations and the abutment, ensuring a long-lasting and stable restoration.

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    HugeBond Universal Light Cure Dental AdhesiveTopCEM-Ceramic Primer Ceramic Coupling AgentTopCEM Dual Cure Resin CementTopCEM-RMGI Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement-LutingGlass Ionomer Cement Luting I