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Digital Full Denture Case Study with HUGE Acrylic Teeth


It's a hot trend to make digital dentures right now. You may have mastered the digital denture workflow, or perhaps you are so excited by the elevated efficiency that you want to give it a try. Many customers have been eager to share experience and results with us about their digital workflow, so let's take a look!


Step 1: Scanning

i-Vinci Smart is an innovative digital clinical scanning device which is much lighter, faster and more accurate. 

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Step 2: CAD Process

Denture design according to individual case. In CAD process, tooth libraries are the key points. The quality of the setup is largely based on the competence of the tooth manufacturer. 

All of our teeth lines libraries are open to download in 3Shape and exocad now.


Step 3: Make Bases

3D Print the denture base or
Mill the denture base from HUGE Pink PMMA BLOCK.


Step 4: Bond

Attach HUGE acrylic teeth to the base using HUGE Digital Bond Kit



Step 5: Cure

Use Light Curing Machine and get final result.
P.S.: HUGE Digital Bond Kit can self-curing and elevates your efficiency.


Advantages for Digital Full Denture Made
from Synthetic Polymer Teeth


   ● Higher wear-resistance and strength: More durable
    ● More esthetic outlook: Natural layers and textures