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Glass Ionomer Cement Filling I - Convenient Application Solution

HUGE Filling I is an excellent self-adhesive, bulk glass ionomer cement that guarantees reliable and lasting restorations. Based on HUGE's proven filling application technology, Filling I provides stable performance and excellent operation experience. Sustained release of fluoride ions can prevent the occurrence of secondary caries. In addition, due to the good biocompatibility of the material, postoperative allergic reactions are almost eliminated.

cement glass ionomer

Standard package:

15g powder+12g liquid +1 measuring spoon + 1 mixing pad

Available in Shades A1, A2, A3

Suitable for a multitude of clinical cases:

Ideal paediatric & geriatric restorative

Restorations of Class III, V and limited Class I cavities.

Provisional or transient restoration

Base linings under composite and amalgam

Core build-up

dental cement glass ionomer

Compared with other competitors:


Mixing Time

Working Time

Net Setting Time

Compression Strength

HUGE Filling I





G* FU*










SH* F*





Directions for operation:

dental gic cement

1. Take the powder and liquid, the standard powder to liquid ratio is 2.3g- 2.9g/1.0g, about 1 level scoop of powder to 1 drop of liquid.

dental glass ionomer

2. Use plastic spatula to mix the powder and liquid on mixing pad. Devide the powder into 2 equal parts, mix the first part with all liquid, then, add the second part gradually and mix thoroughly.

dental glass ionomer cement

3. Coat the internal surface of the restoration with sufficient cement and seat immediately.

We recommend it for three main features:

Compared to resin filling materials:

Easier to clean, excellent operating experience

Sustained fluoride release can prevent the occurrence of secondary caries

Suitable for minimally invasive restoration, basically no risk of postoperative sensitivity


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