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Wow, It's So Easy to Make An Ideal Individual Tray with Light Curing Tray!

As one of leading dental material suppliers in China, HUGE offers high-quality Light Curing Tray which is an ideal material to make individual trays in dental restoration work. It is easy to operate, precise in nature and comfortable to use.

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 No exaggeration. With a preformed shape and high plasticity, 5 minutes is enough to make an ideal individual tray with Light Curing Tray!

And here is the instruction:

Step 1:

Draw base lines on the plaster cast. Fill undercuts with wax and coat separating agent.

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Step 2:

Put the light curing material on the plaster cast for molding. Cut off the spare material. Knead and shape to the reference lines. Make a handle with remaining material.

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Step 3:

Put the tray into Light Curing Unit for light curing for 3-5 minutes.

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Step 4: 

Separate the tray from the plaster cast and polish it with tools.

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On one hand, as we all know, individual tray is made to fit the different oral forms of different patients, especially those who have bad oral conditions, like low alveolar ridges. So it is more precise than normal tray. On the other hand, Light Curing Tray is of high hardness and low deformation rate once it get light cured. This is another important factor to ensure the precise work can be achieved from the Light Curing Tray.

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Unlike traditional self curing resin tray that has stimulating smell, Light Curing Tray is of fresh pleasant mint odour. Therefore, it is a very comfortable experience for patients as well as for dentists and dental technicians when they make it.

1. Shades and Thickness
Pink Thick TypePink Thin Type
Blue Thick TypeBlue Thin Type

2. Packaging
Standard: 50 pcs/boxdental lab supplies
         dental lab supply companiesSample: 2pcs/bag