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NOBILCAM-5X —— A Milling Machine Combines High Efficiency and Precision


NOBILCAM-5X is a 5-axis dry milling machine specially designed for dental applications including Zirconia, PMMA, Wax, Composite etc. Its 5-axis micron level milling with high precision will bring you more reliable performance as well as efficiency.


The NOBILCAM-5X 5-axis milling machine occupies a small space but has a large enough working cabin; the touch-screen operation is user-friendly and the flashing LED bar on the top of the screen provides a simple and clear indication of the machine's working status; the tool changer can be inserted with up to 10 burs, which can be changed automatically during the milling process of the machine.


In addition, the milling machine has the following outstanding features:

  • 90° vertical milling strategy: this strategy is more favourable to anterior milling, to achieve a fine fabrication of the denture, and ultimately to present a more perfect milling effect 

  • C-Clamp holder: The special shape of the clamping fixture permits milling of the material edge, which significantly increases the material utilization by up to 20%;


  • Large B-axis rotation: +35° - 92° swivel range makes large-angle implant manufacturing possible.

  • Time-saving: The high efficiency of NOBILCAM-5X is demonstrated by the fact that all different indications can be fabricated in a short time, for example, milling a single crown takes only 15 minutes and milling a 3-unit bridge takes only 22 minutes.


  • Interruption recovery: Unforeseen circumstances lead to programme interruption and milling stoppage.Milling can be resumed automatically from the interrupted step, effectively improving productivity.


All in all, welcome to enquire and purchase the NOBILCAM-5X 5-axis milling machine if you want to have a highly accurate, reliable and efficient dental material processing experience!



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