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Easy And Accurate Full Denture Restoration With HUGE New Laboratory Silicone


In terms of making full dentures, traditionally, dental technicians usually make use of gypsum and pattern box to transfer artificial teeth onto the denture base thus achieving a full denture. This method actually involves complex steps and takes a lot of time. 


By using an injecting technique using HUGE A- Silicone for Laboratory instead, this process can take much less time while still ensuring good quality.


01 Accurate Production

Using A-Silicone for injection technique to make full denture can avoid the problem of higher bite which can be easily caused in gypsum embedding method. In injection technique, the denture base polymers is filled before the dough stage in which the contraction of polymers is lower.


02 Adjustable Occlusion

Injection technique can retain the working model which make it possible to reset the model and the denture to the original frame for bite inspection and adjustment.


This can greatly improve the manufacturing accuracy of the denture and the quality of denture restoration.

03 Wide Application

A-Silicone has many different applications in addition to full dentures, including removable partial dentures and veneers.


Partial denture     Aesthetic restoration like veneers


Full denture restoration    

04 Easy Operation

A-Silicone for Laboratory is kneadable and soft. Its mixing ratio is 1:1 which is easy to control and one spoon of base plus one spoon of catalyst can impress a half denture.


The working time and curing time at ordinary temperature of A-Silicone for Laboratory are 1min30sec and 8min respectively. There is no need to fill pattern box and heat it for some time, which is complicated and time-consuming.

Comprehensive solution for duplication materials


·C-Silicone for Laboratory

· A-Silicone for Gingival Mask

HUGE PERFIT provides the dental technician with a comprehensive solution for duplication materials to ensure a quality and precise duplication.