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PERFIT impression materials FAQ: Some notes you want to know!


We're excited to share with you some frequently asked questions about impression materials. They can help you use PERFIT products better. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and ask.



Q1: Do PERFIT impression materials belong to 

class A silicone materials?

 A: Yes. A silicone has higher precision than C silicone and is widely used clinically.
*C silicone will produce ethanol when taking the Impression. This substance is easy to volatilize, so it will affect the accuracy.



Q2: What are the transportation/storage conditions 

for PERFIT impression materials?

  A: The air temperature should be between 5-25 ℃, and the air humidity should be kept at about 50%.


Q3: In which dental restorations do you need 

silicone impression materials?

  A:  Impressions of precise restorations such as inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, etc. Also it is suitable for orthodontic impressions, implant impressions. Especially for full denture restoration, silicone impression materials are required, which cannot be replaced by oral scanners. A silicone can meet its high precision requirements for restorations. This is also the best choice for clinicians at present. The integration of 3D printing technology in prosthodontics provides a more efficient and accurate solution for creating dental restorations while reducing material waste and minimizing production time.



  Q4: Which PERFIT impression materials can 

be used in full denture impressions?

  A: As one of the most professional dental material suppliers,we recommend the combination of PERFIT Heavy Body and PERFIT Light Body. Among them, Heavy Body can be used for border molding. It assists in producing precise impression results.



Q5: How long can silicone impressions be stored?


  A: Up to 4 weeks.  


Q6: If Putty takes too long to cure, 

what could be the reason?

  A:  1. The dentists wear the wrong gloves. Components such as latex have a great influence on the curing of silicone impression materials, and it is easy to cause non-curing.

Solution: Since latex components are difficult to remove from the hand in a short period of time, it is recommended to wear PE or PVC gloves to mix.

2. The environment temperature is too low, so that the curing speed slows down. (On the contrary: when the surrounding temperature is higher, the curing speed will be accelerated. For example, when Putty is mixing, it is recommended to use fingers to mix. Mixing by palm will speed up the curing speed due to the high temperature)