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NEW Package of A-Silicone for Gingival Mask - Gingiva Elite Kit

Following the standard package which has been warmly welcomed by the global market, HUGE now releases its improved package of A-Silicone for Gingiva Mask, the Gingiva Elite Kit, to further satisfy our customers’ needs.

Gingiva Elite Kit

Basic Info. for Gingiva Elite Kit

Basic Info. for Gingiva Elite Kit


Indication:Implant Restoration

Used in the implant restoration process

Indication:Crown and Bridge Restoration

Used in the crown and bridge restoration process



✔ Hardness available: Hard Shore A 70 (much easier to polish) and Soft Shore A 40

✔ Compatible with various techniques, direct and indirect

✔ Precise detail replication

✔ High mechanical strength

✔ Excellent esthetic effect

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A-Silicone for Gingiva Mask

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