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GumEasy™ Gingiva Elite Kit for Enhancing Smiles

A-Silicone for Gingival Mask was created to reproduce the gingival morphology on models in crown and bridge prosthesis as well as implant restorations.

Our quality and service have been well received from our customers and we're happy to announce a new upgrade. We are now able to provide our Gingiva Elite Kit. It will contain two 50ml bio-cartridge, 12 mixers, 12 oral tips, as well as one 10ml separator.


Huge GumEasy™ Gingiva Elite Kits are available in both hard and soft types.

The Hard Type (Shore A 70) is most applicable for the direct technique. It is easy to polish and suitable for common CAD/CAM system thanks to its balanced hardness and scannability.

The Soft Type (Shore A 40) is highly recommended to apply with indirect technique such as crowns and bridges restoration. Thanks to its excellent fluidity, it is easy to flow around and fill into the mold. After upgrading, it’s easier to inject and polish now.

The use of gingival mask is indispensable for the creation of aesthetic dental prosthesis of high quality. Both Soft and Hard Type can be processed using direct as well as indirect methods.

With our Gingiva Kit, you can expect the following:

Compatible with various techniques, direct and indirect

Precise detail reproduction

High mechanical strength