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HUGE Flexible Disc – New Generation Materials for Non-metal Partials

Would you like to try another type framework for your partial dentures? HUGE Flexible Disc would help you realize it. The Flexible Disc is made from nylon resin, which has low risk to crack or break up. The unbreakable materials with excellent flexibility make it suitable to undertake the function of framework.


Some Advantages of HUGE Flexible Dentures

1. Practically unbreakable and crack-resistant
HUGE Flexible Disc has better performance on strength compared to other nylon materials. The flexible frameworks for partial dentures are generally considered to be strong and resistant to fracture or crack.

*A bar-shaped sample with a length of 20mm, width of 2 mm, and thickness of 2 mm can withstand a weight of 5kg without irreversible deformation.


2. Exceptional memory to hold its form

HUGE Flexible Discs are not easily deformed. Therefore, the framework of partial denture can maintain good elasticity and accuracy, ensuring outstanding tooth retention ability after long-term use.


Excellent fit after 5,000 wearing and removal tests on the model.

3. Stain-resistant

According to the test, nylon resin has great ability to resist stain. The sample was soaked in coffee, black tea and red wine for a period of time and no significant discoloration was observed. (After soaking in coffee, black tea and red wine at 60 ℃ for 100 hours, almost no color change was detected.


From left to right: Red wine, Black tea, Coffee

Workflow of Fabricating Flexible Partial Denture


Step 1:
Modeling and scanning
Make the plaster model according to the impressions and scan the modified model.


Step 2: Design
Basically same as metal framework


Step 3:Milling
Preferred milling method is wet milling. When using dry milling method, the heat produced during milling can cause the material to build up around the milling bur. Therefore, please check it regularly. If it happens, stop the milling, clean the bur and resume.


Step 4:Add teeth to the HUGE Flexible Framework
• Arrange and wax the denture teeth on the framework.
• Process the partial denture by investing, packing and curing the acrylic resin.
• Polish the denture to ensure a smooth and comfortable fit.


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