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HUGE Digital Bond Solution: Boost Digital Denture Processing


HUGE's innovative digital prosthetic solution blends prefabricated teeth with digital design software, enabling patients to wear more fitting dentures and regain confident grins through scientific teeth arrangement.

Four Steps to an Impressive Denture


In Step Four, technicians attach the teeth and denture base after digitally designing tooth moulds and generating base automatically.


Then, here comes the HUGE Digital Bond Solution, which includes HUGE Digital Bond A and B(HUGE Self-curing Denture Base Polymers), stirrer, pipette and micro brush.


You might wonder why Denture Base Polymers is used for adhesive, but the experiment shows that due to easy operation, HUGE Digital Bond A and B are recommended for producing an impressive adhesive effect and the prefabricated teeth in the cavity will be fixed precisely and watertightly.

In addition to the bonding function, HUGE Digital Bond A and B also play an important role in Denture Base Solution, working together with their mates to create a natural and durable base fabrication.

What can you Expect from HUGE Denture Base Polymers

01 Vivid and Abundant Esthetic Bio-shades

Innovative thinking and advanced technology make it have a richer bio-shades, and have the same appeal to different patients.


02 Excellent Performance

We can see a high-quality denture base with no bubbles and minimum shrinkage. In addition, high flexural strength provides exceptional flexibility, resulting in no cracks.

Better Performance than ISO Standard


03 Enrich User Experience

Multiple Curing Methods


Fast heat curing: the material can be fast cured in boiling water for only 20min.

Traditional heat curing

Self curing

Shade Guide Available


Newly launched 1ST and 3S for dark-skin patients


In short, HUGE Denture Base Polymers has excellent aesthetics, fully considers the operation habits of different users, and has satisfactory properties, which can meet the needs of the technician and help patients regain lovely grins. What’s more, it is integrated with digital denture processing.