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VinciSmile Clear Aligner Live Webinar Reservation


We are thrilled to announce an upcoming VinciSmile Clear Aligner webinar Wednesday, May 15th at 8:30pm EDT. Dr. Tony He will introduce the biomechanics in aligner orthodontics. Dr. He will discuss practical tips and techniques that will be helpful to dentists, orthodontists, and distributors looking to enhance their understanding of invisible orthodontics.


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Regional Time for Live webinar

【USA】May 15, 5:30 pm (Los Angeles Time)
【Australia】May 16, 10:30 am (Sydney Time)
【Singapore】May 16, 8:30 am
【India】May 16, 6:00 am (New Delhi Time)
【Vietnam】May 16, 7:30 am
【China】May 16, 8:30 am (Beijing time)

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