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Introduction of i-Vinci Clinical Toolkit

i-Vinci intraoral scanner is can be applied for clinical indications range spans general restorations, implants and orthodontics. Meanwhile, HUGE brings you an innovative and clinic-friendly toolkit, including margin line extraction, undercut check, alignment check and bite check, etc., assists clinicians to evaluate and pre-design the scanning data in practice.

01 Margin Line Extraction

Draw the edge of the tooth and confirm the position of the margin.


Mark the unclear edges of the abutment teeth to provide guidance for subsequent data processing.



02 Undercut Check

Check the undercut situation from different perspectives. An undercut area will be marked with gradient colors, and the arrow direction represents the current path of insertion direction.

After tooth preparation, check if the abutment data is qualified.



03 Alignment Check

This function is commonly used to realign the buccal data when the buccal match is inaccurate after matching.

Alignment auto-check is an efficient way to realign buccal data, and if there is a discrepancy between the automatic alignment result and the oral situation, you can use the three-point alignment method for manual alignment.
*Alignment auto-check and three-point manual check are both available in i-Vinci Software.

Alignment Auto-check



Three-point Alignment



04 Occlusal Distance and Bite Check

Check if there is enough bite space between the working teeth and opposing teeth.

Commonly used after tooth preparation to inspect whether the occlusal distance between the abutment tooth and opposing tooth meets the processing requirements, and ensure accurate occlusal relationship for subsequent applications.


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