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Tips for taking accurate impressions


HUGE has collected suggestions from professional technicians in clinics and labs. These helpful tips help minimize risks during the impression process and create accurate precise impressions and restorations.



Recommended clinical operations:

1. Preparation before impression

① External environment:
  • Make sure the medical equipment is placed in the correct position, such as the auto-machine not being too far away from the dental chair.

  • The ideal impression environment temperature is 21℃-25℃. Ensure correct room temperature and moderate air humidity. We recommend you use PERFIT series impression products in this environment.

*VPS impression materials are generally more sensitive to high temperature conditions. Storage temperatures that are too high will shorten the setting time of the material. If there’s large temperature fluctuation in your storage area, it is recommended to use normal set materials.

If stored below the recommended minimum temperature, it may cause mixing issues. We recommend that this material be left at room temperature for a period of time before use.


 Material selection:

  • Choose the right tray (for full denture impressions, use the rigid non-porous metal or plastic tray).

  • Choose the appropriate impression method and impression materials, and ensure that the material matches the impression technology, such as tray material and wash material, use one-step impression technology or two-step impression technology.

  • Choose the right gloves when mixing putty. PE/PVC gloves are recommended. Do not use nitrile or latex gloves


2. Operation during impression

  • For hand-mixed materials, be sure to wear the correct gloves when mixing.

  • For dispenser-mixed or machine-mixed materials, pay attention to the correct installation of accessories (such as mixers, oral tips, etc). This ensures that the material is used properly and mixed evenly.

  • When injecting impression material into the tray, keep the end of the mixer immersed in the material to reduce air bubbles.

  • Pay attention to the time parameters during the impression process, such as working time and setting time.


 3. Results after impression

  • Rinse the impression with clean water

  • Use the suitable disinfectant for disinfection, such as glutaraldehyde solution

  • Dry the impression and store it in a cool, dry and dark place

  • Pay attention to environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity during impression transportation


PERFIT Heavy Body & Light Body


The quality and accuracy of the impression have a huge impact on the quality of the final restoration. Although the process is complex, using the effective measures mentioned above ensures that the results are always accurate. The key to successful restoration is to standardize all clinical processes.


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