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Why We Use TOSOH for HUGE GM-3D Zirconia Block?

A wide variety of zirconia raw materials is available on the market for the manufacture of zirconia discs. Among these materials, there is one material that is recognized as first-class material and that is TOSOH.

TOSOH was established in 1935, a materials group that comprises over 100 companies worldwide and a multiethnic workforce of more than 12,000 people. TOSOH is a global chemical company that supplies specialty products and materials for high technology.

HUGE Premium GM-3D Zirconia Block is made by 100% TOSOH Material.

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Why We Use TOSOH for HUGE GM-3D Zirconia Block?

1. High Strength

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Cross-section comparison of the raw material particles under electron microscopes. 

Pitting pores weaken the strength and the lifetime of the restorations.

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The evenness of the raw material ball size means the same density and strength after sintering.

The more uniform the size and arrangement of the zirconium spheres, the higher the density and the higher the bending strength.

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Sintered zirconia structure under the microscope. After sintering, The zirconia block made of TOSOH powder is much more even in density and strength than the other products.

Grain structure is small and uniform, the greater the density, the higher the flexural strength; crystallization size is not uniform, and crystallization of large places of low strength, is easy to break.

2. Consistency

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The output of a single batch far exceeds that of various competing products, ensuring the consistency of product quality.

3. Purity

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TOSOH material is Lead-free, high purity, and has fewer impurities.

4. Low aging for TOSOH Material

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Smooth surface; Less chance for water absorption and chemical reaction. The picture is the TOSOH material surface under an electron microscope.

Based on these advantages, HUGE GM-3D Zirconia Block has a better performance in than normal types of Zirconia. While the TOSOH material guarantees the stability of the product, GM-3D has an unparalleled gradation and aesthetic effect. The 1050Mpa flexural strength of the cervical portion of the tooth adapts to your various indications.

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