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Exhibition Invitation | IDEC 2023, HUGE Welcomes You!

We are excited to announce our participation in the Indonesia Dental Exhibition & Conference (IDEC) 2023. 

Indonesia Dental Exhibition and Conference (IDEC) is the leading professional event for the dentistry technology industry in Indonesia. IDEC is the must-attend conference for dentists seeking continued accredited education as well as potential buyers, traders, and distributors looking for high-quality and costs efficient products & equipment produced worldwide.



Date: September 15 -17Venue: Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia    

Visit Us at Booth C02. We will showcase our latest technologies and solutions, and provide one-on-one consultation and negotiation to discuss win-win business opportunities with you.    


What to Expect?

1. Cutting-Edge Products

HUGE Digital Lab Solution integrates advanced materials like Synthetic Polymer Teeth, Zirconia Block and PMMA BLOCK into the dental fabrication process. This enhances precision, communication, and efficiency in creating dental restorations. By digitizing design and manufacturing, dental labs achieve quicker results and improved quality.

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VinciSmile Chair Side Solutions employ technologies like Dental Impression Silicone, Composite and Restorative materials, Pediatric Oral Prevention Products, and Intraoral Scanners to provide immediate dental care during a patient's visit. These solutions prioritize convenience and streamline treatment procedures for better patient experiences.

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VinciSmile clear aligner is made of innovative materials to ensure the invisible and comfortable wearing experience, and is used as an effective alternative to traditional metal braces.

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2. Exclusive Offers

Take advantage of special exhibition offers available only at IDEC 2023. 

Get a chance to take our star product FREE.


For more information about HUGE Dental and our participation at IDEC 2023, please visit our website: Feel free to reach out to us at for any inquiries.
We invite you to attend and visit us at our booth and look forward to meeting you!