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Welcome Join us for Three Great Dental Events in April!


Coming with a series of great dental events, April is indeed a can't-miss month for the world of dentistry. We're so thrilled to invite you to join us for the three anticipated dental shows we're heading to !

NO.1 ODA Annual Spring Meeting 2024

See you at Toronto, Canada on APR 18-19!


The Annual Spring Meeting is the signature event of the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). Now in its 157th year, it is one of the longest running and most respected dental conventions in North America. 

Featured Products

PERFIT Impression Solutions

  1. Multi-viscosity and multiple curing speeds to meet diverse needs

  2. Widely recognized by customers from more than 100 countries



NO.2 IDEM Singapore 2024 

Welcome to our booth# E22 on APR 19-21!


The IDEM Exhibition boasts a fully booked 17,000 sqm exhibition space, featuring over 500 exhibiting brands with exhibitors from more than 33 exhibiting countries and regions.
Immerse yourself in the bustling expo floor showcasing the latest products, services, and technologies in the dental market.

Featured Products


Dental Restorative Solution:
facilitate your efficient, esthetic and reliable dental restoration
  1. HugeBond Universal FliPro

  2. TopCEM Dual Cure Resin Cement

  3. TrusFIL-Flow Flowable Composite Restorative

  4. TrusFIL Universal Composite Restorative

  5. Glass Ionomer Cement Luting I


Digital Orthodontic Solution:
VinciSmile Premium

  1. Newest IntelMove Technology (Tech α + Tech β)

  2. Advanced PremiumControl Material

  3. Help speed up teeth movement, even more comfortable*

*Compared to VinciSmile Classic version

NO.3  Dental Salon 2024

Join us at Moscow on APR 22-25!


The 55th Moscow International Dental Forum & Exhibition “DENTAL SALON 2024” will take place in Moscow on April 22-25. DENTAL SALON is one of the largest dental shows in the region of Russia and Eastern Europe. 

Featured Products:
Glass Ionomer System

1. Universal Enhanced Glass Ionomer System
2. Convenient And Efficient Clinical Solutions


We have prepared customized HUGE gifts for each exhibition. You can also visit HUGE E-Shop to purchase them at any time.
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