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Fabricate Your Digital Denture with HUGE CAD/CAM PMMA BLOCK

Why Digital Denture?

A digital workflow has numerous pros for a dental practice. Digital denture workflows offer benefits for the patient and clinician experience, such as less chair time and fewer appointments. From a restorative performance perspective, digital dentures have high mechanical and physical properties, including accurate fit, great flexural strength and other aspects.


Digital Denture Workflow

Step 1: Scanninge27156e7-54d1-9bef-87b0-c02e30064ad8.jpg

Capture the impression data by scanning the impressions and bite registrations.

Step 2: Design

For example, EXOCAD Full Denture module provides a guided workflow for designing aesthetic full dentures. Most of the software would provide similar full denture solutions.



Step 3: Manufacture Denture Base

While a printed denture base may take significantly less time to produce, dental material suppliers still recommend opting for the milled base for a more accurate and robust final product. 

HUGE Pink PMMA Block is ideal for milling aesthetic denture base. Four pink shades are available for you to select the appearance you want.

Step 4: Manufacture Denture Arch

Milled teeth provides more freedom during the teeth placement, because you needn't choose the prefabricated teeth in your inventory. HUGE Multilayer PMMA Block could also be used to fabricate the denture arch. The seamless transition makes it perfectly simulate the natural teeth.

oyh.png          cc.png

Step 5: Bonding6f928966-0bcf-03c3-a130-7023a313a987.png

The milled tooth arch or prefabricated teeth are bonded to the denture base. You could use HUGE Digital Bond Kit to achieve it.


HUGE Digital Bond Kit

Digital Denture is a complete manufacturing process for the rapid digital production of removable full-arch dentures.


Advantages of Digital Denture


✔ Accurate fit and more comfortable.
✔ Faster fabrication speed and fewer dental visits.
✔ When lost or damaged, digital complete dentures can easily be duplicated.